Ready to Try for Yourself?

Don’t trust, verify. See for yourself and learn how coinjoins work. There are different bitcoin wallets with built-in coinjoin features. We recommend trying Wasabi Wallet for educational purposes after reviewing some privacy wallets based on the evaluation framework found here.


Nobody can steal from you or spy on you. The code is 100% open source so anyone can verify its integrity.

Works With
Any Amount

From 5 000 sats (0.00005000 BTC) to 43 000 BTC, anyone can participate in a coinjoin transaction.

Fast &

With ~3 coinjoins per hour and for just 0.3% (on non-coinjoined bitcoin), anyone can reclaim their privacy.

Block Space

Coinjoins are designed to be as block space efficient as possible, sometimes even getting rid of toxic change.

A self-custodial bitcoin wallet with easy privacy by default. Receive bitcoin then just wait for it to automatically coinjoin.

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Let’s Compare Bitcoin Wallets with Coinjoins

It is obviously not a walk in the park to compare each bitcoin wallet but we will try to present them with different considerations so that you can make up your own mind.
Wasabi Wallet 2.0
Wasabi Wallet 1.0
BTCPay Server
Trezor Suite

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If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to or open an issue on the GitHub repository. Thank you!